Literally doing stuff.


go web hackerspace

The long-awaited web service for checking who is currently hacking at hackerspace (or doing anything else anywhere). long-season provides simple, responsive web user interface and REST API, for interacting with service without need for using browser. long-season is fully fledged, you don't need to setup external database or download interpreter. With long-season I was able to explore more advances golang topics like: concurrency, embedding web static files into binary or cross compilation. long-season is also my first open-source project with external contributions from other people.


go crypto passwords cli

Pazzz is a stateless unix password manager. Instead of remembering password for every site, you just have to remember your login, site and your secret phrase. Pazzz will always generate the same safe password for the input data, that you will provide.


go elm spa web

Pants is a simple service for link shortening, builded with go, elm and love. Created only for educational purposes. It provides beautiful UI expierence and simple REST API. It's really easy to build and run it!


go web docker

Go-blog is a simple web application that gives user ability to write, delete and modify posts. It uses Go and Gorilla toolkit for request routing and managing sessions. Application stores data in PostgreSQL database. In this project I also used a modern deamonless container engine podman.


go cli unix

Unixify is a simple command line interface tool for changing file and folder names to be more UNIX like. This is done by converting space white signs to floors and all uppercase letters to lowercase. Unixify also has the ability to rename folders and hidden files.


go cli

gotask is a easy to use command line interface tool for adding, removing and editing daily tasks in a database stored in your local filesystem.

Check out my github account for more! You can find some gems there.